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    OC Registration - Joshua Cena.

    Joshua Cena

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    OC Registration - Joshua Cena.

    Post by Joshua Cena on Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:45 am

    You’d think being John Cena’s kid would have perks. Quite the opposite, actually.

    Okay, that’s a lie, but it did come with a few issues that had to be worked out along the way. Originally, it was simple. John had someone pregnant, someone he may or may not have loved about fourteen years ago. While it was easy to have these sorts of things happen with a good support system, John following after a dream with a baby on board just wasn’t the smart thing to do. Leaving an infant child is probably even harder to do, but you have to try, right? For the both of them.

    And if you know John Cena, then you know the dream worked. However, that doesn’t mean that Josh was there for it. With good reason.

    Now the WWE isn’t always the place at seems. Sure, it’s family-friendly now, but before? Please. Not to mention John having to gain respect. After that, John was put to probably the heaviest media & travel schedule in history. That doesn’t always allow time to be spent with family. Along with the guys backstage, it’s safer to have just family visit and not necessarily stay.

    Guys like Alex Riley.

    Guys like Jeff Hardy.

    Guys like Chris Benoit.

    Explaining to a young child how and why things like that happen, especially after you let them meet them, it was a trust thing. And trust wasn’t always returned backstage. Phone calls and Skype made the connection easier, since it was pretty available anywhere. And of course John made the trips back home; it was just a matter of finding the time to do so.

    West Newbury is where he stayed, with the rest of the family. The life was normal. Well, as normal as it was allowed to be. The family was more than watched around town, due to John’s success, they all knew it. It wasn’t too hard to tell. That just meant keeping the privacy levels up, and the gate to the house closed.

    As for the kid himself, Josh isn’t exactly the most outgoing kid on the exterior. He has a pretty vibrant personality, and can even crack a few bad jokes once you get to know him. Above all, he’s more devious than anything. Of course, fooling your grandparents and uncles who can only check up on you so much is one thing, but it’s the one thing he’s done fairly well.

    He had been playing a few sports before, but turned out to be a bit of a bad decision in his case. Of course, having the last name become more of a curse, tackles in football were that much harder. Getting “walked” in baseball meant getting nailed with high-speed pitch. Getting fouled in basketball meant a blatant knockdown to the hardwood. Hell, even in gymnastics, the smallest details were picked on by judges. Needless to say, it was easier to stay away from sports altogether.

    Family the most important thing for him. He has a few friends, sure, but he knows it’s not a long tern thing, sadly. He has enough exes and fistfights, as well as bruises scabs, to prove it. He’s fairly sure he’s getting out of this hellhole eventually. If not for anything else, then for himself. Either that, or running out and trying it on his own for a while in Boston. Yeah, he’s a little bold from time to time.

    In a nutshell, he’s optimistic yet possible trouble for himself, assuming that he acts on the plots created in his head.
    John Cena

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    Re: OC Registration - Joshua Cena.

    Post by John Cena on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:52 am

    (Not that we require pointing the obvious out, but Josh and I discussed this before he registered and yes, I am on board with this. I figure since it's the first OC family member, better we play it safe than sorry and have people thinking Joshua came out of the blue.)

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