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    OC Registration -> Donnie Runnels

    Donnie Runnels

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    OC Registration -> Donnie Runnels

    Post by Donnie Runnels on Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:40 pm

    Being in the Runnels family basically meant you had two versions of everything. An older counterpart to sort of equal out the young, that's just how it fell in their family. Apparently, Dream just couldn't seem to put certain parts of himself away. So, the whole lot of them had to look rather white-trashy. If you gave it a little thought.

    At least, that's how Donovan saw it.

    Now don't get him wrong, he loves his family. Always has. Thing is, he's always been fairly vocal with his opinions. Not to say he was wrong, just the fact that they weren't necessarily called for.

    If not obvious, he's close with his younger family, but that's becoming increasingly hard as time goes by. Cody's making a name for himself, and anyone else has either move away, or is already dead. Being stuck with Dream and Dustin in Atlanta is not the easiest of lives to live.

    "Dad, look at him! Look at you! You're sixty-six, and Dustin is forty-three! It ain't like you were ever trying to stop producing, obviously!" Was the line that seemed to push Dream over the edge. It also earned him a rather pretty mark across the face, from his cheek all the way down to his chin.

    He wasn't the physical type. He wasn't about to fight his own father...But he wasn't about to be hit on and berated either.

    In a very quick decision, he decided that maybe Cody was the only way. Sounded a bit blasphemous to even try to keep up with his schedule, but this wasn't going to work either. He'd end up running away and making it on his own before he stayed here. He was already taking up shelter with a few friends, and trying to disconnect as many people from himself as possible.

    Didn't know what to expect, or even what to do should this all work out. At least Cody was sane, out of the bunch.
    Cody Runnels

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    Re: OC Registration -> Donnie Runnels

    Post by Cody Runnels on Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:57 am

    Yes, I'm claiming this one as my brother. And as long as he doesn't touch my gear, my Nintendo, or my food, I'll be figuring some sort of plan so he can tag along with me.

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