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    OC Registration: Sara Hanson

    Sara Hanson

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    OC Registration: Sara Hanson

    Post by Sara Hanson on Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:19 am

    Name: Sara Hanson

    Bio: She'd call herself free-spirited, you'd call her irresponsible.
    She'd call herself clever, you'd call her cruel.
    She'd call herself Sara, and John Cena would call her "the mother of my child."

    Yes, she's Joshua Cena's mom. The one who, she's sure the Cenas have brainwashed her son into thinking, unceremoniously dumped him at the West Newbury house, giving the grandparents another generation to raise.

    If only it was that easy...

    It's not to say that the end result isn't the same - that Joshua isn't "one of them". Because that child IS a Cena, from his nose to his toes..although he does have Sara's's not to say that grandparents didn't find themselves having to parent again, in their older years.

    Well, they can blame their precious John for that as much as they blame Sara. It took two to make the baby, and it would have taken two to stay together. She wasn't the one who told John to look for other women when he was on the road, and John wasn't the one who told her to find a little entertainment when he was away. The fact is that life is tough when you're separated from your lover. It's tough when you're young and trying to make dreams happen, and it's tough being the only one home dealing with a baby, who grew into a rambunctious toddler, and all the while, there's nothing happening in the relationship. There is no relationship anymore. It's been numbed, stifled and stunted.

    John didn't bother hiding that he was fucking around, and after a while, neither did Sara. But Sara's fatal flaw was in trying to one-up John, the mindset of "You hurt me, so I'll hurt you." About that time, Joshua's baby babbles had turned into almost complete sentences. Surely, hearing about Mommy's friends, in that innocent little voice, hit John hard.

    Well, it hit him hard enough to sic the lawyers on her and do what he could to have her found to be an unfit mother. It wasn't so much that he played dirty, or did her wrong, either. If there had been no evidence to find, like a growing cocaine habit, or some neglect of their boy, then she wouldn't have lost custody.

    But she has, and it's been over a decade since she's shared a roof with her son. Sure, sometimes she and John can carry a civil conversation, but it isn't often. She knows that it's probably the company that makes him do that, so she doesn't get the idea of writing a tell-all or something. While on paper she's granted "liberal visitation rights, although supervised", she doesn't really see Joshua all that much, even though they're within a 15-mile radius of each other.

    Somewhere along the line, Sara believes she lost herself. Becoming John Cena's girlfriend was only part of who she was. It was when the dream went into motion, where she got left behind, that things started to sour.

    "Why can't I go with you?" she pleaded. The fact was that there wasn't really any money for that. John was sharing a shitty apartment with Randy Orton in Lexington, KY, where they lived while John and Randy Orton trained. Sara was "better off" staying close to home, where the doctors were, where family was.

    They'd planned on getting around to marrying "sometime," and John had, to his credit, offered to marry her when she was about six months along. But Sara had insisted on getting her figure back first. "Just think," she'd said, as they lay in bed together one night on a rare occasion John was home, "I'll squeeze into a real dress, and our son," (by that time, ultrasounds told them it's a boy) "can even be the ring bearer."

    While a lot of couples do that, let's just say that the Cenas probably would've been up in arms. Her own family, what family there was, anyway, wouldn't have given a shit. Her family exists in the form of her mother, who lives with some guy, and a brother she's lost touch with.

    Sara works in the mall, at what's called the greeters' station. It's like maps/stroller rental/stupid shit that numbs her brain for 8-10 hours a day, and she barely makes $9 an hour, but it's something to do. There is still a drug habit, one hard to support on her income, so there are occasional 'boyfriends' who help out.

    She lives in a studio apartment, not even a one-bedroom. John had come by and seen it and shaken his head. He'd handed her a few bucks for furniture, furniture she never bought, though. She spent the money on herself. And funny it was just furniture money..had it been to upgrade to a 1-bedroom, maybe she'd have pushed for occasional overnight visits with Josh. John knew that, though.

    It's a fucked up situation, to be sure. She lives at the poverty line, and her son's father pulls in the millions. Josh is better off living with them, but hopefully when he's old enough, he'll realize that she's not a completely horrible person, and that if not for her, there'd *be* no him.

    She'd say she's a little'd call her bitter.

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