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    OC Registration: Casey Orton

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    OC Registration: Casey Orton

    Post by Casey Orton on Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:23 pm

    The final spawn of Bob Orton. What? You really thought that Bob Orton would of stopped after the second one? Oh, no no no. Bob is a proud father. Well, of one of his kids. The other two are another story.

    We all know Randy is the first of the three Orton brothers. Obviously the most successful, and the one that has the most of Bob's love for achieving everything "Daddy" wanted him to. Lucky guy.

    As for the last two, Nathan and Casey, things began to take a turn for the rough, and then the worst. Nathan had done MMA, but had also went to college, as well as living a fairly normal life considering the family. While Bob didn't like the fact that he wasn't a wrestler, at least he was doing something. He wasn't a good for nothing, and Nathan knew how to shut Bob up. How to please him. The oldest and youngest shared the special trait of popping off at the mouth, and it did get them in trouble most of the time.

    Things were easy as a kid. Randy was 18, and Nathan was 10 when Casey was born. By order of birth, Casey was the least of Bob's worries. When he was 6, Randy had hit his first peak in his career, and had all of Bob's attention. It was Elaine who got to handle the younger two the majority of the time.

    Well, and then Bob came back around.

    And then he was starting to force the kid to be an athlete. And then he was trying to force Nathan into wrestling, to "set an example for your brother. And to quote Bob "You don't have to be as good as your brother, but you're going to wrestle. You're an Orton, that's what you're made to do."

    Well Nathan said no, and got away with it, for all intents and purposes. Then it was back to the youngest.

    Randy could only do so much from afar. Travel made him a busy man, and how can we forget his run of issues from 2005-2007? That left Nathan, who Casey had taken to instead of his father.

    Much like Donnie (My bro!) things began to get a little physical. Except that Bob hit way harder, and was way less forgiven than Dream could ever be. And where did that leave Casey? With a lot of bruises, and a lot of bad stories to tell. Until he got the hell out of there. Staying with Nathan was easy enough, but Bob was still in the area, and still dropped in from time to time to enforce his will.

    Well, Randy does stay a bit farther away. And the Northeast area is a pretty cool place to be around...

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