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    OC Registration: Will Quinn

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    OC Registration: Will Quinn

    Post by Will Quinn on Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:04 pm

    To sum Will up very briefly, take everything you wanted to be in high school, and give that a 4.0 GPA, and send it off to college for a few years.

    Will has virtually been perfect in his youth, and that's only because he had probably the strictest parents in the hemisphere. Didn't even bother to cut loose doing anything else. He had one goal, and it was perfect. He wanted to be a pro wrestler, and he was going to make it.

    Too bad for Will, he just wasn't the biggest. Or the strongest. Or the fastest. Or the most charismatic. Or the most technical. Or the mo- You get the picture. However, that degree did help him out in the long run.

    Now, he had been able to make more than a few friends. He was horribly social, and he had grew with multiple people. NXT and main roster guys knew of him, because he had connections to hotels, business. He was on the wrong side of the company. And he'll admit, working with the WWE did leave a little bit of a bitter taste in his mouth, and he knew he would be happier working on his own.

    He jumped back in the real world, and settled in on hotel management, which eventually went to selling property, and then back to management to a premium suites building a little ways from downtown New York. Where all the fun shit happens.

    He's one of the main executives for the building itself, and doesn't want to go any higher. He's good at his job, he makes good money, and he still has free time on his hands on weekends. With the names he's met before, he usually tries to get athletes to move in, and has a soft spot for wrestlers.

    Come by if you need a place to stay. He'll more than likely give you a deal. He's one of the nicest guys you'll meet, and in this town? You want guys like him in your corner. Never met a stranger, and never met someone he didn't like. If you need a place to go, or someone to enjoy a drink with, he's your guy. All you have to do is meet him once.

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