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    OC Registration: Augie Cardinale

    Augie Cardinale

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    OC Registration: Augie Cardinale

    Post by Augie Cardinale on Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:05 pm

    Name: Augustina "Augie" Serafina Cardinale

    Bio: She'd gone to the Fashion Institute of Technology after she'd graduated high school and could probably have been huge in the world of fashion design. Maybe she could've grown up to be the next Anna Wintour had things gone as she'd planned.

    But who ever has their life turn out *exactly* like they planned? Augie is one of many who shot for one thing and ended up in another realm completely. No, she didn't meet someone who turned her head and whisked her away from the apartment in Manhattan in some whirlwind romance...that could have at least been fun.

    Nope. Her grandfather kicked the bucket. Sal "Big Sally" Cardinale, who'd been known for many years along with her grandmother as a tailor and seamstress to the "stars". Except they weren't Hollywood stars. No, Pops and Nana were the Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace to the sports entertainment industry. Anybody who was anybody came to Sal and Antoinette, her grandmother, for their trunks and tights. Augie grew up watching guys like Arn Anderson and Dusty Rhodes get fitted.

    Note to the faint of heart: You really, really don't want to watch Dusty Rhodes get fitted. It's one of those things you can't ever unsee.

    Augie's grandparents had raised her. Her parents were simply losers...Mom, the Cardinale's daughter, was a drug addict transient who's seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth, and Augie's father is serving a life sentence for second degree murder, in prison...but of course she was bonded to her grandparents and with as overprotective as they were to their only grandchild/heir apparent to the family business, with them being the only family Augie knew and loved dearly, when they called her to come back, she left school about 3 weeks before graduation, and came back.

    Corporate WWE offered her a job as head of their wardrobe department at a nice salary and benefits, but she didn't accept it. Sometimes, she kicks herself for not having accepted it, too, because it would've meant no shop overhead and more time off. But it's a family tradition, a legacy, to keep this an independent.

    Her grandmother recently passed and Augie's settling the estate, and she's up to her eyeballs in work, both the legal stuff with probate, as well as the garments that make up her business. She would be surrendering the Cardinale brand name and reputation as the best in the business if she closed up shop and worked in-house for WWE. She didn't have the heart to. It's like holding onto Cardinale Sartoria is keeping her grandparents alive in some small, respectful way.

    Cody Rhodes' leather vest, including the newer long ones? Thanks, that's one of Augie's newer designs. She's also the one that talked Alberto Del Rio into the darker trunks. You can thank her for not having to endure seeing Little Del Rio straining against the confines on your HDTVs anymore.

    So, WWE does do business with her, but they don't control her. And the bulk of her business is made up from the Superstars and Divas who pay out of their own pockets. Augie's prices are extremely fair for the job she does and it's not unheard of for big tips to come her way for the extra work she puts in, making sure you're fitted right. The last place you want to have a "wardrobe malfunction" is in the ring in front of thousands. If you're a wrestler, male or female, you know at some point, Augie's gonna see you naked. You also know, if you've been to her house for a fitting already, she isn't one to kiss your ass or be impressed by your naked body. It's work to her. Same as how a gyno looks at vaginas all day, he isn't going to be a gyno for very long if he drools over them or tries to pick them up!

    And even though her prices are fair, she doesn't get many of the UPW guys in. Sometimes, she *will* quietly pass on donations to them..maybe someone never picked up an order that they put a 50% deposit on, or maybe the fabric is second quality..but those instances are few and far between.

    Augie is guarded about how old she is and never gives a straight answer. She's not married, no kids, and does take pride in her work, even when it's bedazzling a slutty bra top or sewing gold lame on the ass of some Superstar's trunks. Augie would give you the, no pun intended, shirt off her back. She's a favorite among the circle and also has been known to drink a few of the guys under the table.

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