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    Website Update.

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    Website Update.

    Post by Triple H on Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:18 pm

    If you're coming here for the first time, then you'll see that much of the website is untouched in its nature and the majority of the content here at the moment is dated from mid-late 2012. Out of respect for the writers who were here first, we've kept their work here as an example for other writers.

    There's also a sample thread written today between Randy Orton and myself as something of a how-to guide for the newcomers. Feel free to get some ideas from that and apply it to your lines of thinking.

    Quality is one of the key characterists we want, that we strive, to have. Writers here have, on other websites, written quality posts that could be sometimes be considered to be essays, only to get one or two line answers in return from another player. Adding insult to injury, some of the responses weren't even one line. They'd be two words. "He nodded." "She groaned." It was awful.

    A site-wide request here is to simply return the favor someone does for you. If a very loose topic is started, then by all means, feel free to reply as you may. Novels needn't be the standard. But when characters show depth through their work, returning that effort in a reply shouldn't even have to be enforced, much less requested. Treat as you're treated and you might find yourself enjoying this more than you planned on it.

    The rules here are hardly rules at all, but this is one that will have to be stressed.

    I'm being real. If you see someone "future endeavored" suddenly? That alone may very well be the reason.

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