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    How To Register OCs and Superstars/Divas.

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    How To Register OCs and Superstars/Divas.

    Post by Randy Orton on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:43 pm

    (While technically, this is an OOC thread, read it in my IC voice. You'll understand it better that way.)

    Okay, this is how it goes.

    I'm working with Vince here, and we've discussed how to go about doing this, this how-to-register-characters thing, and we've discussed it at length. The following is what we've come up with on how to go about registering your OCs:

    You'll pretty much register them here the way you would anywhere else, and by that I mean go in the Registration section, crack open a thread, and give your character's name, stats and bio. The devil is in the details, though: You're writing this person. Make it a believable person. If you're going to glitter like that fucking thing in Twilight, go somewhere else. No, really. Go somewhere else. If you're going to be immune to all things bad in life, like -you- could never get injured/have a bad financial year/get sick/lose someone/have a car accident/etc., go somewhere else. There is no such thing as a perfect life, so make sure that your character isn't basically a bunch of shiny shit spewing sugar. Do that, flesh your person out and we'll get along great.

    With that said, let's go with how to register your Superstar or Diva:

    You don't need to go through the step that the OC did, of writing up a bio, because you know who these Superstars and Divas are. So do we. If you're me, you know I was born in 1980, born into the business, my father is "Cowboy" Bob Orton, I'm the youngest WHC in WWE History. I also have 2 Wellness Strikes. I have my own demons.

    You might also know I have a daughter, who recently turned 4. Now, do me a favor. Don't register her name. Don't play her as a character. Focus that energy on something else, because I'm not coming here to interact with a 4 year old right now. Oh, don't worry--I'm going to refer to her in my posts. She's a big deal in my private life. I might, maybe at some point, send you a PM and ask you if you're interested in writing something for her, under a screen name for her, but we're not at that point now. So, don't do it.

    Same goes for Sam. Sam is obviously her mother. Am I still with Sam? I haven't decided that yet. But what I -will- avoid is somebody coming here, registering Sam as a character, and then after a week or a month or whatever the fuck, deciding to bail and no longer play Sam. That leaves me with a problem. I have enough problems. I don't want multiple Sams. Nobody can play a role the same way as somebody else. Sure, you can mimic, but generally, it's just not the same. And with that said, those 2 login names are off-limits at this time.

    Do I have other kids out there? Haven't decided. I'm going to let who registers here and how they play, to influence my decision on that. I'm not giving the Orton name to just anybody, though. Prove yourself under an OC character first. Or even a Superstar. If you still want an Orton character, after you've given me something to read and interact with, then, we'll talk.

    Vince will say the same for Linda and the grandchildren. Hunter will be joining us but if you want to play Steph, you might want to wait until Hunter's here first. See if your styles are similar. Otherwise, you're going to have a bad time.

    So to register a Superstar or Diva, all you have to do is register the screen name. (If the screen name is already registered, but is not being played, it's reserved by the game for players' future use. Send a private message to Vince or me, requesting the login credentials.)

    Just one thing: DO NOT DO IT IF YOU DON'T INTEND TO STAY. This isn't Arrive, Register, Leave. Don't take a Superstar somebody else might want unless you're ready to commit to him or her. It's not fair to others. With all those who register, your IP# will be recorded. Staff will be able to identify who's who. Don't fuck yourself over by doing something stupid under one name, then trying to deny it was you under your other name. That's stupid.

    As an aside for the OCs:

    I once played somewhere, where an OC came to me as if she'd known me forever. Referred to me as a friend from the past. I can be cool with that if the bio is fleshed out enough, believable enough, and well-written enough. (Basically, if you show me that you care enough about it, you might persuade me to care.)

    But here's the problem: This person threw in the fact that she was a member of Evolution.

    Wait, what?

    Yeah. A female, 5th member of Evolution.

    To which, after I recovered from a "The fuck?!", backed off completely. There was no basis for a 5th member of Evolution, much less a female. It didn't happen, and I can't rewrite history to have made it happen. Evolution was Triple H, Ric Flair, Dave Batista and myself. There were women who hung on, there were storylines...but unlike DX, that once had Chyna, we had no female member.

    Don't pull that shit here. It won't fly. No OC, male or female, would be in Legacy, either. Unless you're Manu (to which I would LOL, because Manu was and still is useless), Sim Snuka (see what I said about Manu), or my close friends Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase, you weren't in Legacy, so don't claim it as your own. As you can see, Legacy and Evolution are a huge part of my history; don't fuck it up.

    Register here, they said. You'll have fun, they said.

    Well, you will as long as you follow the rules in Vince's thread and keep to the points in mine. I'm looking forward to this. I never ask anybody for what I don't expect of myself. At a minimum, check in. See if there's anything for you. If there's not, do something about it. Don't be a pussy, take a chance.

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    Randy Orton

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    Re: How To Register OCs and Superstars/Divas.

    Post by Randy Orton on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:51 pm

    Another thing:

    If you read up at the top of the thread where I said I'm working here with Vince, that's what I meant. I'm a staff member on site. I'll help Moderate the board, as well as give a hand in Chat on an as-needed basis.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask. But make sure that it's not ground that's already been covered and explained. Don't be a retard, more or less. On another site, I've gotten private messages like:


    Uh..yeah, okay. Hi.

    do u want 2 play w/me??

    Uh...The fuck. Speak English, not Bingo. Unless you're posting off your phone, there's no 140-character limit or whatever the fuck. Don't hurt my eyes with word vomit.

    Now, you filled my PM box with 2 things, and I still don't know what the fuck you want.

    To cyber


    Like cybersex

    Fuck off. No.

    Now, if your character and mine were to hook up, we could take it to the NSFW section, but don't bring it to my PM. If I'm writing a storyline, I'm doing it on the board, not in a mailbox.

    This doesn't mean I won't brainstorm with you in PM for potential storylines, but honestly, let's try to keep bullshit to a minimum.

    well can my char b ur char's gf?

    No. Because I already told you I don't fucking speak Bingo.

    If you can spell, good. If you can write, even better. If you like to play the game and craft storylines and shit, awesome. But I'm not here to deal with stupidity. There -are- such things as stupid questions, as shown above.

    Basically, treat me the way you'd like me to treat you. If I don't answer your PMs, they were either retarded and not deserving of an answer, or I just didn't get to them yet.

    That said, I am also not the only guy here; you can ask Vince your questions, too. But remember something else...the more time you take in our PM boxes, the less actual play that we get in. Make sure you need to ask something before asking. We're trying to be clear in the rules, and yet we don't expect you to have a crystal ball. Sometimes, questions from you will end up becoming site improvements. Just use your better judgment.

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