Lives of Low-Carders, Mid-Carders, Main-Eventers and those associated with them are sometimes worlds apart. Where do you fit in?

    General Rules.

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    General Rules.

    Post by Vince McMahon on Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:18 am

    The existing World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is accepted as the best in the business when it comes to earnings potential, fame, travel, along with assistance with transitioning to acting careers. Stardom and fame can be fleeting; travel can sometimes be too much of a good thing; it's wrestling, basically.

    Worlds Apart is played around the duality of not just the professional and personal lives of the characters within. While we do have our own rules and regulations, you, the writer, have complete control over your experiences here. There are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum to tackle, should you wish to accept this invitation.

    First and foremost, anonymity is a key element for our site. While you may not know someone Out of Character, or OOC, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t interact with them. Our intentions for this roleplaying game (RPG) site are to be a fun, safe, creative place; an internet destination where someone logs in to decompress, rather than become stressed. That being said, your OOC identity is just that, yours. How you carry yourself as a person will not affect your characters unless you allow it to. Of course, it is your choice. Just know that the administrators will never ask you –about- you.

    Now, as far as the site goes, most if not all existing WWE storylines will not be recognized here. Our Creative Team will be handling the matter for us, to allow fair use of all characters. (For those curious, the creative team is a selected group of writers that are also a part of the site.)

    That being said, just like the real pro wrestling industry, some wrestlers will receive pushes before others. The pushes here all hinge on and depend on your character's relevancy. Relevancy is the key for translation to consistency and efficiency. The more you come around, the more you’ll be able to do on the professional side, to be blunt.

    For example, someone who visits the site regularly/interacts and posts whole-heartedly will receive more attention than someone who logs in once a week for mere seconds, perhaps just to check their private messages, and offering nothing.

    All OC characters are welcome. However, believability is another key component. There won’t be any 20-time WWE champions, Divas carrying male titles, or cases of the supernatural here (The exception to the supernatural would be Kane, but that of course is kayfabe). OCs must be plausible.

    Also, children/nieces and nephews/siblings/cousins/godchildren, etc., will all have to be requested prior to possible approval. For example, should someone wish to write an OC as being Dolph Ziggler's cousin, that person will obtain permission to do so by on-site private messaging Dolph Ziggler's player. Dolph Ziggler's player will give either a yea or nay, and that answer will be abided.

    Unless specifically given permission by an existing member regarding familial status, we generally assume that your registered original character is brand new, and will have to live and perform accordingly. Once more: Family will be, as stated, granted or denied on a case by case basis. Please continue reading for status information regarding past WWE personnel.

    Speaking of relationships and family, it’s been decided to be able to use existing history. For example, if the characters of CM Punk and Maria Kanellis are played here, then the two could choose to reference their past relationship, or disregard it entirely; one could reference it and the other could disregard. This will be an instance where players will not have to get approval of a fellow roleplayer/writer, because breakups aren't always pleasant. Punk might wish to reminisce on the relationship and Maria might want to forget it ever happened, or vice versa. However, John Cena and Beth Phoenix won’t have a past relationship, because they haven't had one (Unless you can provide evidence to the contrary.)

    Therefore: A rule of thumb when registering an existing professional wrestler/sports entertainer: If the character has been Future Endeavored from WWE previously, it is best to register them here as an “other,” and then work your way back to WWE. This allows for maximum creativity from you, the writer, as well as the most satisfaction for those reading your work and following your stories.

    If, for example, a Jeff Hardy character or Kurt Angle character were to register, he could not "magically appear" in WWE without prior administrative approval. This is not to say that approval would be arbitrarily withheld, but to simply have an established personality appear on the roster after a public parting of the ways with the company is shortchanging everyone.

    A character limit has not been set, but it is advised that all characters that are registered as well as those on reserve are actually used at some point. Whether it is three or forty-two characters, we have no issues with it at all if you can manage yourself successfully. We don’t recommend that you have an outline for your character before they are taken up. (Example: Should Dolph Ziggler say "No, I don't want to be your character's cousin".) This way, you can always have a point of reference in times of low activity. Also, improvisation is an excellent key for creativity. (Example: A character should have more depth than having a claim that they're "Dolph Ziggler's cousin." There are many ways to define oneself, which shouldn't hinge on piggybacking on someone else's name.)

    It may seem like a lot to process, but if you’ve read it all, you’ve already proved that you’re interested. If that’s the case, we’re willing and open for all intelligent authors.

    Private-message me for permission to play reserved Superstars and Divas; otherwise, if you have any questions, please post them publicly. You might have a question that others may be thinking of, and it will cut down on workload and increase playtime by answering them once for all to see.

    Enjoy yourself.

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